Duke of Edinburgh Award

Our Lion Dance  team is happy to support young people through their DofE challenges at all levels - Bronze, Silver, and Gold!

For the Physical section we have the two Lion parts and the Buddha character. 

The musical side can cover the DofE Skill section.

There are many goals that can be set for all of the different parts, so please let us know how we can help you work towards your award!

Once the goals have been set we can sign off a weekly logbook and at the end complete the Assessor's Report.

Assessor’s reports can be submitted in two ways, these include online at www.DofE.org/assessor  or on the report card supplied by the candidates.

Do note that DofE does not typically allow one activity to count towards two sections, so learning Lion Dance cannot be used for both Physical and Skill in the same level (Bronze/Silver/Gold). 
You are free to change up which part of Lion Dance you use towards your awards for each level, so you can use the Lion for Bronze Physical, then music for Silver Skill, and finally improve your Lion skills further for Gold Physical (or whichever combination is best for you!)

If you are after a different option for your Physical section, check out our Eagle Claw Kung Fu School!

Link Here!